Affordable Network Solutions

Specializing in Small Business and Home Networking

Affordable Network Solutions provides full-service computer networking and support, offering a wide array of services including:

• Installation and maintenance of local networks (wired or wireless), and file and print servers

Your network needs to be up. This is a statement that we take incredibly seriously. Companies of all sizes lose thousands of dollars each year due to network-related problems.

We work with our clients to maintain their networks. We ensure server patches are implemented, and keep PC service packs up to date.

Whether it be a small home network of 2 computers or a small business network with many computers, we can help design, setup and maintain your network.

• Office Relocation

Moving your office is a very stressful project. We are here to alleviate as much of that as possible.

Leveraging our experience and expertise not only saves you headaches but money as well.

We will work with you to develop a plan that will make moving your computers a breeze.

• On-site PC/MAC repair and upgrades or new PC/MAC installation

Just like a car, if you don't tune-up your PC it will become slower and start to have problems. Let us tune-up your system for the best performance.

Just leave it in the box and call us. We will completely setup your new computer including your printer, scanner, etc.

We can also teach you how to use your new equipment.

• Data backup and recovery

Your computer won't let you access some of your most precious documentation or photos. All your hard work and precious memories are gone! What a disaster!! What do you do? Give us a call. We can do data recovery from hard drives and/or external drives.

The most important thing is to make sure your data is regularly backed up so that you never need this service. Unfortunately, things happen and we don't always get around doing a backup or do not have a backup system setup. If this is your situation it is important to get your data recovery started as soon as you notice failure in your computer. The sooner we can get to it the more cost effective it is for you.

• Antivirus installations/virus removal

Every day there are new viruses and spyware out there just waiting to get into your computer. A virus is a piece of malicious code designed to make your computer act unexpectedly. Things like shutting down, crashing, and pop-ups can all be examples of viruses. They can be more or less severe. While we all like to think that our anti-virus software will protect us in all cases, sometimes it won't.

Spyware is code that has been placed in your computer to help someone gather information about you. It gathers information like your internet activity and sends that information back to someone. It can be used to send SPAM over the Internet to other computers outside of your network.

We spend time researching the anti-virus and anti-spyware programs so that we can make informed recommendations as to what software will help you the most. We also promote and use custom software imaging of your machine to help restore your system quickly and easily on your own.

• Smartphone setup support & troubleshooting (Blackberry, iPhone, iPad)

We can help with installing and updating software on the device, setting up email, synching contacts and calendars, and installing new apps. or removing unused apps.

• Remote assistance

Remote assistance is exactly as it sounds, we can connect to your computer from another location which saves you the cost of an on-site visit.

Most issues can be resolved remotely.

• Training

Have you ever said to yourself, ìThere has to be an easier way to do thisî. A computer can be complicated to work with and figure things out but don't let it intimidate you.

We can show you how to use your computer more efficiently and eliminate frustration, save time, and learn computer secrets that only the pros know.

We will hold back nothing, showing you web browsing tips, email tricks, and other suggestions on how to make your computer experience more enjoyable.

Reasonable rates, please contact for a quote at 416-560-0454.